Welcome to Aeroswint

Aeroswint is a family-owned and operated business that has built the highest quality and best performance products since 1995. The business was started in a shop at the family farm and quickly outgrew this and moved the business to its current location in Utica, Kansas. We have continued to expand our facility throughout the years to keep up with the demands of our customers.

trailer Since the introduction of the first Aeroswint body, we have been recognized as the industry leader in design and durability. Being in the forage harvesting business, we recognized the need for a more durable, higher quality line of equipment. We still strive to be the most durable and longest life product available on the market.

The size of our company enables us to meet the customized needs of individuals and also meet the needs of fleet companies. We have many options available that include length and size of our products. We have a complete frame alteration shop that compliments our truck body installation. We have on site a complete paint facility which allows the customer to design a product that they will be proud of for years to come.

trailer We have continued to grow and design new products to add to our already proven line of quality and superior products. Since starting out with our unique truck body, we have grown into producing a multiple line of forage trailers to meet the needs of many different operations. We have also developed many options for these products that make them more versatile.

So if you need one or multiple units, call our customers, then call us and become part of the Aeroswint family.


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